How Gappeo work?

Identify skill levels and get the best candidate for the job. It’s that simple.

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    Select tests based on job roles or skills and invite.

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    Access candidate skill reports and decide the best fit.

Simple, Yet Powerful Features

Tests that work for both pre and post-employment!


Spend time wisely!

Test a candidate based on the job role or skills. Create your own customized tests to get a deep dive report on their skills to find a fit with Gappeo.
Access to over 500+ scientifically designed tests for over 1200 job roles. From marketing and sales to technical roles, we have got you covered for all.

Tests that work.

Job role or skill-based, it has all you can think of while testing a candidate. Built by global practitioners, our tests identify talent best in class. Create awesome testing automation workflow like never before.
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Go Beyond just hiring!

Getting a suitable candidate is just the beginning. You need to be more invested in their growth and performance. Our advanced workflow automation helps keep candidates motivated to enhance and learn new things at work.
Build your growth workflows to track the team's progress with tests regularly, manager reviews, peer reviews, and on-the-job success. Get your organizational capability reports to plan your ROI and growth!

Unbiased, conscious, data-driven Hiring & Growth.

Give all candidates equal hiring grounds. Select based on the data rather than CV's. Interviews without skills assessment will be biased.
Do not stop by just hiring a good candidate. Build the culture of performance measurement to succeed. Plan growth journeys for every team member, involving them in growth decisions.

Really Simple Pricing

No hidden fees, no limits


Perfect for startups

  • 10 Test Credits
  • 50 Candidates Invites
  • Test Library Access
  • Test Reports
  • 5 Test Packs
  • Coding Assessments
  • Transfer Test Credit Balance
$ 21992199
/ lifetime

Perfect for individual

  • 1000 Test Credits
  • Unlimited Candidates Invites
  • Test Library Access
  • Test Reports
  • Unlimited Test Packs
  • Coding Assessments
  • Transfer Test Credit Balance

Top talent is priceless, and retaining them is even more.

Built for team sizes 1 to 1000+

Take the right step by screening the best candidate. One wrong hire can cost your growth! With Gappeo, you continue with just getting the right candidate but work on track and measure their on-job deliverables and progress too!