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  • 10 test credits
  • All Test Access
  • Unlimited Custom Tests
  • Unlimited Users
  • Additional test credits at $1 / test
  • Transfer test credit balance
$ 399399
/ lifetime

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  • 10 test credits per month
  • All Test Access
  • Unlimited Custom Tests
  • Unlimited Users
  • Additional test credits at $1 / test
  • Transfer test credit balance

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Test Credits
200 per year
10 per month
Test Library
Gappeo Tests
Access to Gappeo Tests Any 10 All All
Customize Gappeo Tests 2 All All
Invite Users
Bulk invite
Custom test link
Custom Invite Email Template
My Tests
Create Multi-Test Pack
Own Single Test
Own Multi-Test Pack
My Questions
Add questions
Multiple-choice questions
Essay type questions
Video questions N
Audio questions N
Coding questions N
Screening questions
User Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Assign multiple admin, managers
Create User Lists
Create testflows 1 100 5
Testflow reports
User Level
Test Level
List Level
Customize Email Communication Templates
Customize Color
Upload Own Logo
Test Trials
Proctored Tests
Video questions limit 5 per test 2 per test
Audio questions limit 5 per test 2 per test
Coding questions limit 2 per test 5 per test 2 per test
Screening questions 2 per test 5 per test 2 per test
Intro video 2 per test 1 per test

Pricing FAQs

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What is Gappeo?

Gappeo is a skill assessment platform that enables organizations to assess and measure job candidates' or employees' skills and abilities. It also allows the job skills assessment that regularly brings the culture of learning and upskilling.

Why use Gappeo?

Gappeo's skills assessment platform provides an objective and efficient way to evaluate the skills of job candidates or employees. By using a skill assessment platform, organizations can ensure that they hire or promote individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles.

How does Gappeo assessment platform work?

Gappeo's skill assessment platform typically consists of assessments or tests measuring specific skills or abilities. Candidates or employees complete the assessments online, and the results are then analyzed and scored by the platform.

What types of assessments are available on Gappeo?

Gappeo has over 500 skills assessment tools that are spread across 800+ skills. Global subject expert build assessments based on their expertise, covering each knowledge area. Gappeo offers a wide range of assessments, including cognitive ability tests, personality tests, job knowledge tests, and skills-based tests.

Can a skill assessment be customized to fit an organization's needs?

Yes, you can easily customize the skill tests and even upload your test to meet your organizational talent evaluation. Gappeo can also help you build custom tests and questions for any specific skill of interest unavailable on Gappeo.

Are skill assessment platforms effective?

Yes, skill assessment platforms effectively predict job performance and identify candidates or employees with the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in their roles.

Is it ethical to use a skill assessment platform?

Yes, it is ethical to use a skill assessment platform as long as the assessments are valid and reliable and are used in accordance with anti-discrimination laws and ethical hiring practices.

Is there a way to customize the platform cost?

Yes, the cost of using Gappeo depends on your needs. We offer three plans for every user, but if you have any specific requirements or wish to customize them, please drop us a note at, and our expert will work on it.

What kind of tests are available on Gappeo?

Gappeo supports tests of all formats, whether video interviews, MCQs, or Essays; all our tests are proctored and highly secured. All our tests are browser-based with Screen Locking and Recording. We use best-in-class exam security and anti-cheating technologies without plugins or extensions.

How does Gappeo ensure its question and assessment quality?

Gappeo is loaded with tests for over 500 skills with over a million high-quality questions prepared by our global subject experts and practitioners, who are known for their knowledge and expertise. A good skill assessment must be valid and ensure that it should be based on a clear and well-defined set of skills, and the questions should be designed to test those specific skills. Every question on Gappeo is well articulated and mapped to skill-related knowledge areas. Every report, post assessment, presents a detailed report of a candidate based on their knowledge and even helps them to work on the gap areas.


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