Gappeo is better than TestGorilla
and iMocha - Period 🤫

Gappeo, TestGorilla, and iMocha are pre-employment screening services that enhance the hiring process. However, Gappeo stands out by offering additional benefits for employees and teams to evaluate their skill growth through workflow automation. While all three services share some features, Gappeo distinguishes itself with its 2000+ skills assessments, 500 mentors, job role-based and personality/behavioral assessments, eight test formats, workflow assessments for ongoing knowledge tracking, assessments by experts, effective anti-cheat measures, scalability, customizable tests, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing. This page will help you determine if Gappeo is the best choice for your needs.

More comprehensive question library: Gappeo has a more comprehensive question library than TestGorilla and iMocha, with over 400,000 questions covering a wider range of topics. This means that users are more likely to find the questions they need to prepare for their assessments.

More user-friendly interface: Gappeo has a more user-friendly interface than TestGorilla and iMocha. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, and users can easily find the needed features.

More affordable pricing: Gappeo is more affordable than TestGorilla and mocha. Gappeo offers a variety of pricing plans to fit different budgets, and users can save money by signing up for an annual plan. It also has a free lifetime plan.

Post Hiring Engagements: Gappeo stands out compared to both with its vital workflow automation feature that helps every company map the growth paths for every team member and timely evaluate their performance. Mentors and Learning: Gappeo, unlike others, does not just stop at assessments but also builds a detailed user skill gap report and helps every individual with a personalized learning plan with a content format their like.

Better customer support: Gappeo offers better customer support than TestGorilla and iMocha. Gappeo has a team of experienced customer support representatives who can help users with questions or problems.

Feature comparison Gappeo vs TestGorilla vs iMocha

Test library
Cognitive ability tests Yes Yes Yes
Situational judgment tests Yes Yes Yes
Job-specific tests Yes Yes Yes
Software tests Yes Yes Yes
Programming tests (incl. coding challenges) Yes Yes Yes
Language tests Yes Yes Yes
Personality tests Yes Yes Yes
Culture add test Yes Yes Yes
Motivation test Yes Yes Yes
Typing test Yes Yes Yes
Your own custom tests Yes Yes Yes
Custom questions (with various question types) Yes Yes Yes
Test recommendations for each job role Yes Yes Yes
Multiple tests in each assessment Yes Yes Yes
Assessment templates Yes Yes No
Functionality to hire developers
Coding languages 30+ 15+ 30+
Web development frameworks Yes Yes Yes
Mobile development frameworks Yes Yes Yes
Algorithmic thinking challenges Yes Yes Yes
Debugging challenges Yes Yes Yes
Language-specific concept challenges Yes No No
Knowledge area scoring for each skill Yes No No
Automated scoring Yes Yes Yes
Video interviews
One-way video interview Yes Yes Yes
Custom video questions per assessment Unlimited 20 No
Candidate's recording attempts per question Yes 3 Yes
Restrict maximum answer length Yes Yes Yes
Recording and playback on any device Yes Yes Yes
Rate and comment on video answers Yes Yes No
Live video interview No No Yes
Candidate experience & company branding Yes Yes Yes
Your company's intro or outro video Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Candidate Invite Yes No No
Assessments branded with your company logo and color Yes Yes Yes
Customizable invitation and rejection emails Yes Yes Yes
No login required for candidates No Yes No
Mobile-friendly Yes Yes Yes
Help and support for your candidates Yes Yes Yes
Typical assessment length 30-60 minutes 30-60 minutes No
Enterprise / start-up friendly
ATS integration Yes Yes Yes
Multiple users and role-based rights management Yes Yes Yes
GDPR compliant Yes Yes Yes
Multiple candidate invitation options Yes Yes Yes
Public links for each candidate source Yes Yes Yes
Track candidate stages from invited to hired Yes Yes Yes
White labeling Yes No Yes
API access Yes Yes Yes
Quality control
Proprietary algorithms that continuously improve quality of each test No
Extensive quality check before tests go live Yes Yes No
Questions automatically replaced after reaching exposure limit Yes Yes No
Customer feedback used to improve tests Yes Yes No
Test-taker feedback used to improve tests Yes Yes No
Anti-cheating measures
IP address logging (to avoid multiple attempts by the same candidate) Yes Yes Yes
Logging of candidate location Yes Yes Yes
Webcam snapshots Yes Yes Yes
Full-screen mode detection (to avoid research during test) Yes Yes Yes
Randomized questions per test Yes Yes Yes
Large question pool for each test Yes, 1000+ Yes, 100+ No
Questions and answers not visible to employers to protect test integrity Yes Yes No
Time limit on tests Yes Yes Yes
Mouse tracking Yes Yes Yes
Copy-paste disabled Yes Yes Yes
Reporting and analytics
PDF and CSV reports of assessments and individual candidates Yes Yes Yes
Comprehensive overview for all current and past candidates Yes Yes Yes
Scoring benchmarks for candidates (including percentile rank scoring) Yes Yes Yes
Add your ratings and personal notes for candidates Yes Yes Yes
Post hiring workflows
Team timely assessment automation Yes No No
Employee Skill Gap Report Yes No No
Learning Content Recomendation based on skill gaps Yes No No
Organizational ROI and Skills Report Yes No No
Customer support
Live chat Yes Yes Yes
Help & Inspiration Center Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes Yes
Training & onboarding tour Yes Yes Yes
Phone assistance Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime Free Plan Yes Yes No
Plans Simple & Friendly Very Comples & Expensive Expensive
Minimum Price Plan $199 per year $316 per year $5000 per year